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Introducing, Our Complete DVD On Parrot Care & Training!

"Parrots, The How-To's Of Caring, Choosing, Understanding & Training" Pet Birds, With Manuel Rose.

If You're Even Considering Bringing A Parrot Into Your Life, You Must
See This DVD First! This Parrot DVD Covers Everything Such As How-To: Choose a bird that's right for you
(Covering 18 Different Species). Have the proper environment for your pet. Choose the right size cage and accessories. Bathe and groom your bird,
(Including Wing & Nail Trimming). Properly care for your parrot, including illnesses.
Perform Emergency Care. Understand your parrot. Obedience train your pet parrot.
Teach your parrot to talk. Get your bird into bird shows and much, much more!
You'll Find This Video Both Informative And Entertaining. Need More Info?  CLICK HERE!

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Our New Pet Entertainment CD Is Sure To Be A Hit With Your Loving Family!

"Parrot Soother Vol. I, MUSIC & STORIES FOR PETS and CHILDREN!"
Do you have a parrot but don't know what to do when it throws a temper tantrum?
Are you afraid to leave your bird home alone? Parrot Soother Vol. I has the cure!
Parrot Soother Vol. I is an incredible collection of heartwarming stories, soothing
sounds, music, and poems specially designed by parrot lovers. Pop in this CD while
you're away and your bird will be transported to an exotic Parrot Island paradise.
He or she will enjoy a healthy workout in Birdie Exercise. Your bird will be enthralled by
"Night Time Chimes" and the mysterious whispers of "Pretty Bird". Other tracks include a
sing-a-long with "Away Little Birdie" and story time with "The Lonely Macaw" and
"A New Home For Michael" (Suitable For Children). 
Did you know that all parrots have the mentality of a four-year-old child? Parrot Soother Vol. I is both intellectually stimulating and entertaining! Never be afraid or feel guilty leaving your bird home alone again!!!
Parrot Soother Vol. I isn't just for exotic parrots! Other animals and even
children will enjoy this must-have collection!

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Tip Of The Week!

Never allow a stranger to approach your parrot while it’s on your shoulder. The parrot may bite you because it thinks the stranger is a predator and it knows that you are supposed to protect it from harm.

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If your bird tries to “feed” you by regurgitating its own food for you, don’t be so quick to show your disgust. You should take this as a compliment instead because this action demonstrates your bird’s absolute love and devotion to you.

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