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Parrots, The How-To's Of Choosing, Caring,
Understanding & Training

               Parrots How To DVD                                   










Before you lay down your hard-earned cash on an
Expensive & Exotic Bird, “you” need to see this DVD First!

"Parrots, The How-To's Of choosing, Caring, Understanding & Training"
There Are Several Things To Consider When Choosing Your Feathered Companion…
The Main One's Are…
1. How much are you willing to spend for your bird?
2. What other pets do you currently own?
3. How much room do you have in your home?
4. Can you devote enough time for your parrot companion?
5. Do you have children?

Obviously, getting a parrot is a big family decision and not to be taken lightly.
You need to know how to select, care and train your fine-feathered friend.
You need to learn all there is to know about these comical, intelligent, lovable animals.
“Did You Know That Some Parrots Will Actually Pluck Their Own Feathers Out?"
Find Out Why!"
My name is Manuel Rose, parrot lover, CEO of MMR Productions and
After growing up with parrots since childhood, I can honestly say you'll never find a more
rewarding, entertaining, talented and colorful animal companion than a lovable parrot.
I think I can honestly speak for the millions of parrot owners in saying,
"We Wouldn't Trade Our Beloved Birds In For The World."
What a joy to come home and be greeted with "Hello, How Are You?"
You won't get that from any other animal.
Most parrots love to be cuddled.
Parrots are great companions for everyone, especially the elderly or anyone living alone.
"Did You Know That Certain Foods Can Be Highly Poisonous To All Parrots?'
Find Out Which One's To Avoid...
The problem is, there is not enough combined information available on all the parrot
species for the would-be parrot owner.
There are many books and videos available on different parrot species,
but this can be very overwhelming for anyone that just wants to pick the Right Bird for their
lifestyle, and properly care for it.
You would have to get a book or video on every species and have the time to read or
watch it before making your decision.
This could be Very Time Consuming, let alone Expensive.

“Your Problems Are Over…”
“Now For The First Time Comes A How-To DVD
That Addresses All These Issues And More!!!”
"Parrots, The How-To's Of Choosing, Caring, Understanding & Training,"
from MMR Productions is a Complete, Easy To Understand Training Program for any
parrot owner.
”You Will Have Access To Many Years Of Experience, Research And Advice From Avian Veterinarians!”
You'll learn How-To…
. Choose a bird that’s right for you (Covering 18 Different Species).
. Have the proper environment for your pet.
. Choose the right size cage and accessories.
. Bathe and groom your bird, (Including Wing & Nail Trimming).
. Properly care for your parrot, including illnesses.
. Perform Emergency Care.
. Understand your parrot.
. Train your bird.
. Teach your parrot to talk.
. Get your bird into bird shows and much, much, more!

A Complete Full Length DVD Divided Into 12 Easy To Navigate Chapters.
Each Chapter Covers A Different Topic In Parrot Care…
Unlike most parrot books and videos,
"Parrots,The How-To's Of Choosing, Caring, Understanding & Training" is entertaining
as well as informative!
"Did You know That Most Parrots Live As Long As Us Humans?"
“A Great Reference Tool For The Novice As Well As The Experienced!”
Parrots are easier to care for than dogs or cats.
For one thing, they don't need periodic shots, and they don't need to be walked, but there
are certain things you must know about them to keep them happy, and healthy for years
to come.
“Did You Know That Some Parrots And Dogs Actually Get Along Well?
"Parrots, The How-To's Of Choosing, Caring, Understanding & Training"
Covers 18 Different Species To Aid You In Choosing Your New Friend!"

The Following Parrots Are Covered:
1. African Grey
2. Amazon
3. Blue And Gold Macaw
4. Budgie (Parakeet)
5. Cockatoo
6. Cockatiel
7. Conure
8. Eclectus
9. Hahn's & Noble Macaw
10. Hyacinthine Or Hyacinth
11. Lory & Lorikeet
12. Lovebirds Or Parrotlets
13. Pionus
14. Quaker Or Monk
15. Ringneck Parakeet
16. Red Bellied Or Poicephalus
17. Scarlet Macaw
18. Senegal

“Find Out Which One's Are The Best Talkers!”
Now you can have all the information you'll ever need about these beautiful,
colorful creatures right at your fingertips!
Valuable Information That's Affordably Priced!
“You Couldn't Find A More Complete And Enjoyable Guide Anywhere At Any Price!”
"Parrots,The How-To's Of Caring, Understanding & Training"
Is Not Available In Stores Anywhere!"

Only $11.99!

Order Your Copy Today!!!


"Click On The Parrot Picture Below To Watch A 5 Minute Demo!"

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Parrot Soother VOL. I

Pet Entertainment

Music & Stories For Pets

"Your Parrot Pacifier" 

Parrot Soother CD





Do you have a parrot but don’t know what to do when it throws a temper tantrum?
Are you afraid to leave your bird home alone?
Parrot Soother Vol. I has the cure! 
Parrot Soother Vol. I is an incredible collection of heartwarming stories, soothing sounds,
music, and poems specially designed by parrot lovers. Pop in this CD while you’re away
and your bird will be transported to an exotic “Parrot Island” paradise. He or she will
enjoy a healthy workout in “Birdie Exercise.” Your bird will be enthralled by
“Night Time Chimes” and the mysterious whispers of “Pretty Bird.”
Other tracks include a sing-a-long with “Away Little Birdie” and story time with
“The Lonely Macaw” and “A New Home For Michael.”
Did you know that parrots have the mentality of a four-year-old child?
Parrot Soother Vol. I is both intellectually stimulating and entertaining!
Never be afraid or feel guilty leaving your bird home alone again!!! 
But wait!! Parrot Soother Vol. I isn’t just for exotic parrots!
Other animals and even children will enjoy this must have collection!

Tracks Include: 
1. Introduction
2. The Lonely Macaw
3. Parrot Island
4. Birdie Workout
5. Away Little Birdie
6. Pretty Bird
7. Story Time Again
8. A New Home For Michael
9. How High Can You Fly
10. Cockatiel Party
11. Bongo / Conga Magic
12. Angels Of The Rainforest
13. Night Time Chimes
14. Goodbye

About 1 Hour Of Entertainment!
Parrot Soother Vol. I is only $8.99!

Hurry Fast! Supplies are limited and it’s guaranteed
to be flying off the shelves!
Order Your Copy Today!!!


Ad copy by Melissa Rose

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Introducing... Nature's Summer Songs CD  

Natures Summer Songs CD








Are You Stressed Out?

Do You Need Some Peace Of Mind?

If You Answered Yes To Any Of These Questions,
Come Back Home To Nature! 

Attention City Dwellers And All Nature Lovers!

Wouldn’t you like to escape the daily tensions and pressures of the city?
How would you like to sit right at home and listen to the soothing
sounds of Mother Nature?
You've heard of the 75 minutes of Silence Meditation CD?
Well, now YOU can listen to Rhythmic Birdcalls, the Eerie
Sounds of Night Creatures, Soothing Rain Showers, and So Much More with “Nature's Summer Songs!”

Come Home And Escape To Your Very Own Sanctuary!
Forget all the city noises, the hustle & bustle, the rat race, and
your worries.
All that is needed is this CD and your headphones, and you can transport yourself to your very own peacful forest in the country.
All naturally recorded with no music added.
You'll feel relaxed, refreshed, and invigorated!
Just put your CD player on repeat, and let yourself be lulled into
soothing sleep.

Track 1- Contains Over 20 Minutes Of Bird Songs Featuring: The Song Sparrow, Purple Martin, American Goldfinch, Wood Thrush, Common Yellow Throat, Eastern Meadowlark, Carolina Wren, Eastern Bluebird, Red Winged Blackbird, Yellow Warbler, Hermit Thrush, Summer Tangler, Crows, Northern Mockingbird, Black-Capped Chickadee, Northern Cardinal, Downy Woodpecker, Canadian Geese, House Wren, American Robin, Belted Kingfisher, Tufted Titmouse, Baltimore Oriole & Mourning Doves.
Track 2- Contains Over 7 Minutes Of Night Creatures Featuring: The Great Horned Owl, Baby Owls, Crickets, And More!
Track 3- Contains Over 6 Minutes Of Night Chorus Featuring: Cicadas, Crickets And More!
Track 4- Contains 11 Minutes Of Peaceful Evening Silence.
Track 5- Contains Over 4 Minutes Of Relaxing Rain Showers.
Track 6- Contains 14 Minutes Of Thunder Storms.

Over 1 Hour Of Nature Digitally Recorded In Stereo!

A Great Soother For Everyone, Including Your Children And Pets!
You won't find a more complete recording of mother nature at its best anywhere else at any price!
Don't miss this opportunity to get your copy of "Nature's Summer Songs" at this special introductory price of only $9.99!

N.Y.S. Residents Please Add Sales Tax.

Get Your Copy Today!!!


Ad copy by Melissa Rose


Genuine Blue & Gold Macaw Parrot Feathers

Parrot Feathers

100% Cruelty Free Naturally Dropped

Parrot Feathers (Blue & Gold Macaw)

Great For Arts & Crafts!

Great as Pipe Cleaners!

A beautiful pair of Blue & Gold Macaw parrot feathers.

Thoroughly washed and ready for use.

No two alike!

Approximately 14 - 21 inches

Limited quantities from our own parrot.

Not for people with allergies.

Only $15.99 A Pair Plus Shipping





Amazon Parrot Getting A Hug